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Good morning!  Happy Friday! Hope everyone’s work week is wrapping up nicely. 🙂

I’m at the airport (yet again) heading to LA this morning. My sister is performing this weekend in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Tour. It’s a historical tour of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where a lot of the very first famous Hollywood actors are buried.

You might remember the cemetery from the movie Valentine’s Day.

*this one*


not this one



After LA I’m going to head down to San Diego to spend some time with my little sis who’s there going to grad school. It will be fun to get to hang out with both my sisters. 🙂

So… lately I feel like I live in a suitcase.

(yes that is a poncho ;))

I have to be honest, I didn’t even fully unpack my suitcase after my last trip to Santa Barbara, I just took out the dirty clothes, added a few items and rearranged a little.

It’s just been so crazy lately with all the traveling (next week’s trip to Baltimore for my friend Katie’s wedding will be the last one at least for a little while) and dealing with the house stuff on top of that has been stressful.

I’m really trying to just take everything one step at a time and not get so caught up in the stress that I can’t enjoy myself in the process. 🙂

Speaking of house stuff: yesterday the seller and I went back and forth a little and I think we may be coming close to an agreement. I’m just waiting to hear back from my mortgage officer on some of the details so *fingers crossed*

Well, I’m off!

See you all later 🙂