Hey, hope you’re having a lovely evening. 🙂

Today I..

Opened escrow on my house. So exciting! (and only a little bit scary :))

Wrote a letter to a judge. I was in a small fender bender a few weeks ago and got a ticket :(. Luckily I was eligible for traffic school and I enrolled in an online course but with all the craziness lately I haven’t had time to actually complete it. When I called this morning to ask for an extension they told me I had to write a personal letter to the judge. No fax, no email. I guess everything legal is still handled in a formal manner. Here’s hoping Judge Anderson likes my letter. 🙂

Iced my shins.

After last Sunday’s long run through downtown San Diego my shins have been really sore. I have battled shin splints in the past and I don’t want to take any chances so instead of my normal run today I decided to go for a lower impact option and did intervals on the elliptical. I’m probably going to ice and take it easy for the next few days. Just another reminder that I really need new shoes. 😦

Had a smoothie and sweet potato for dinner.

I know, strange combo but it’s what I was craving. 🙂

Im off to peruse a few blogs and do a little laundry before bed.

Night! 🙂