Hey! Hope everyone’s having a lovely morning so far! 🙂

My morning started off with a leisurely run along the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

{if you look closely that’s a pirate ship :)}

Joan and I were on a mission for earrings – for some reason we both majorly spaced on wedding jewelry. 🙂 We weren’t the only ones running – the Baltimore Under Armor Marathon was underway.

We thought about joining in. 😉

I found a cute pair of earrings at Ann Taylor Loft.

We picked up some Starbucks on our way back to the hotel. Breakfast was protein oats with 1/2 of a crumbled cookie dough lara bar on top (courtesy of the hotel room’s Keurig)

Now it’s hair and makeup time. I’m doing my own since I’m opting for something relatively simple anyway. Here’s roughly what I’m thinking.


Hopefully I can pull it off. 😉

We’ve got plenty of food and of course more champagne.

It’s a beautiful day in Baltimore.

{check out the view!}

The dress is hanging and ready to go.

This wedding is underway!

See you in a bit!