I ate too much tonight. 😦

I am literally stuffed to the brim.

(I wish I were exaggerating but it’s true).

I may have also dabbled in (and devoured) a few recipes from *this blog*

I know I had discussed earlier in the week my desire to get back on the fitness bandwagon and while my food choices have been better and I’ve been a little more active (made it to spin class last night!) I really don’t feel all that much better yet. Couple that with the fact that I had the house to myself tonight and my first real alone time I can remember in weeks, I took the opportunity to indulge a little.

Dinner started innocently enough…

[chicken with sweet potato, grilled zucchini and black beans}

But then I decided to dig into the TiVo queue and along with that came some serious snacking.

i hung out with Two and a Half Men, caught up with the Kardashians (wedding special!) and managed to eat my body weight in sunflower butter. 😦

I’m not thrilled with myself but I’m not all that surprised either. It’s happened before and I can’t necessarily expect myself to go back to healthier habits cold turkey after a couple months of indulging. I know I just need something new to shake up my routine and give me a little motivation.

With that in mind I finally decided to bite the bullet and order the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVDs I’ve been eyeing for the past several months.


It’s always a bit of a commitment to buy into a new workout plan. In making my decision on whether or not to buy, I poured over tons of good (and bad) reviews on Amazon but in truth you never really know how a plan will work for you until you try it. From what I’ve seen of the diet plan it’s a little extreme (low-cal, not sustainable long term) so I don’t think I’ll be following that but I am intrigued by the workout method and it’s always good to try something new. The shipment is supposed to arrive on Tuesday so I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for the rest of the weekend, I’m going to get some rest, continue to get some exercise and try to cool it on the snacking (decaf tea is about to become my new best friend :)).



Some questions for you: What do you do to pull yourself out of a fitness slump?

Has anyone tried the Tracy Anderson workouts? I’d love to hear what you think!