Hey how’s your Sunday? 🙂

Mine’s shaping up to be a pretty good one.

This morning I slept in (glorious), tended to all the pets then snacked on some leftover pumpkin puree I founded in the fridge while contemplating what to make for breakfast.

(I mixed in a little stevia and a spoonful of sunflower butter and heated it all up – yum!)

I decided on a smoothie (frozen cherries, blueberries, chocolate sunwarrior, a handful of spinach and a little organic coffee extract) and some pumpkin spice coffee.

I ate breakfast while watching the season premiere of The Office (hilarious). Ok, I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately but with all the running around the past couple months the only show I’ve been able to keep up with regularly has been Dancing With the Stars. Besides I can’t remember the last time I watched TV while enjoying a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday morning – it was nice. 🙂

I had 7 miles on my half marathon training schedule today and since my only options are dirt roads out near my parent’s house I decided to head over to my brother’s place to run. Since the house I’m buying is only a few miles away I thought I’d check out the running trails in my *soon-to-be neighborhood*.

I packed up a little lunch,

(brown rice with salmon, avocado and tamari, a honeycrisp apple and carrots)

grabbed my game day shirt,

and hit the road.

I wasn’t quite sure how well 7 miles would go over today – my last long run was a couple weeks ago and to be honest I struggled quite a bit – but it actually went really well. I ran the first 4 miles over near my new place and I had fun exploring the area.

There are a few shopping plazas and a large resort nearby with a trail that runs along a golf course – I think I’m going to like living there :).

I was ill-prepared, however, and ran out of water a little over halfway through (which in 94 degree AZ weather = no good) so I popped back over to my brother’s house a little early, replenished my water supply and hammered out the last 3 miles over there. I rented from my brother for 2 years before moving in with my parents to search for a house so I’m pretty familiar with the trails in his neighborhood – it was nice running around my new/old stomping grounds. 🙂

Now I’m back at the bro’s house getting ready to take a nap watch a little football ;). Hope you’re having a great weekend!