…cause I’m done.

Oh what a day. My morning started with a call from work telling me that the sick patient I’d admitted yesterday had passed away overnight. 😦 The first thing I did when I got in the door was call the owner to let her know – always a heartbreaking call to make.

The rest of the day was long – surgeries, loan paperwork, blah. (I’m sure it didn’t help that barking dogs have kept me up the past two nights).

When I got home all I had the energy for was this:

and this:

It’s my coworker’s birthday tomorrow and I’m trying my hand at FoodieFresh’s Banana Pumpkin Bread. Honestly when I got home about the only thing I felt like doing was curling up and getting right into bed. But then I started sorting ingredients. And I started mixing. And somewhere between carefully leveling flour and mashing bananas into pumpkin dough my spirits started to lift just a little bit.

And now with the smell of warm fresh bread wafting from the oven I’m feeling a little more at peace tonight.

See you in the morning. 🙂