Hey there! Hope your evening’s going well. 🙂

Today I:

Signed the last of my loan documents. It was a mountain of paperwork but the home purchase process is almost over – final walk-through is tomorrow!

(The notary was a rather free spirited lady from New York and she offered me a ‘blessing’ on my new home in the form of a fortune cookie :))

(A golden opportunity – I certainly hope so! :))

Saw Footloose with my friend Danielle. I’ve never actually seen the original, only bits and pieces but I really liked it! Such a fun movie with lots of energy – definitely made me want to go out and wish I knew how to dance. 😉

(Now I need to rent the first one so I can see this guy in action):


Ate lunch in my car.

With all the running around today I knew I’d be too busy to stop for lunch so I packed a little something to go (brown rice, chicken, broccoli, cashews and tamari). (Side note: I forgot a fork so I used one of the apple slices I’d brought along to ‘spoon’ it up. Hey, it worked ;))

Well I’m off to bed – hope you have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Question: Are there any movies that make you want to dance? Watching Dancing With the Stars pretty much does it for me on a weekly basis. 🙂