So I did two pretty cool things today.

I closed escrow on my house – I’m officially a homeowner!! 🙂

And I held a spider 

(Ok so I did 1-2 cool things depending on who you ask ;))

The spider – no, she wasn’t a patient – belongs to my boss’s wife who’s a teacher and she’s the ‘classroom pet.’ I’ve kind of always wanted to hold one but I thought I’d be way too scared if I ever had the opportunity (I held a walking stick once at the Museum of Natural History and I freaked out) but I was impressed I actually bellied up and did it no problem! And it really wasn’t too scary at all. 🙂 (Now if I ever see one in my bed that’s going to be a different story…)

Work today was fairly busy which made the day fly by. Afterward, I went to yoga with a couple work friends. I hadn’t made it to class in about a month but it felt good to be back and I definitely feel more relaxed and centered. 🙂

On that note, I’m going to get myself to bed – busy surgery day tomorrow!



Have you ever held a spider? Or any sizeable bug? The spider and walking stick have been my only two claims to fame in the insect department. As a general rule, bugs don’t really creep me out all that much unless you’re talking about a cockroach and then all bets are off!