Ohhh I have a crush friends.

It’s pretty new so I can’t give you too many details yet…but rest assured I’m all kinds of cheese faced over here. 🙂

A jittery, flustered person has taken over my usual calm, cool demeanor. I’m chatting everyone’s head off and smiling ear to ear for no apparent reason.

Nervous snacking:

(Please don’t tell him I’m crazy…)

But seriously, do you ever feel like everyone can see right through you?

Luckily Thursdays are my surgery day at work so I got to spend a good amount of today with my smiling face stuffed behind a mask (and there’s something very calming about a cold, sterile surgery room). For now I’m just going to let everyone think I’m just excited about my new house – hopefully no one calls my bluff quite yet… 🙂

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted!

Tonight’s dinner was a random mix:

(Yes that’s salmon, broccoli and a fried egg, topped with cheesy nutritional yeast)

I’m telling you friends my mind is elsewhere…

Bedtime over here – hope you’re having a great night! ❤



Today I’m grateful for:

My surgery mask – this one’s obvious.

First date jitters <—both love and hate this

Girl time with my mom. My dad’s out of town so tonight we hung out, drank tea and watched Two and a Half Men. 🙂

And a question: When’s the last time you had a crush? What came of it? Do spill! 🙂