In two weeks, I:

will cut my work commute in half.

will no longer come home to a jar of empty almond butter in the fridge unless I intentionally put it there.

(Insert Sad Face)

will be able to change my plans on a whim without being asked a dozen questions (my dad literally just asked me where I was headed as I was walking down the hallway – “Um, to my room.”)

will no longer have to drive a dirt road on a daily basis.

will be able to leave the house to run a quick errand without packing snacks and mapping out a game plan.

will determine the noise level in the house at all hours.

will be able to navigate the fridge with ease.

In two weeks I will move into my new home.

(Did I mention I can’t wait?)


Today I’m grateful for:

(I’m feeling like a little bit of a cranky pants today so please forgive me but this is the best I can come up with)

Spin class later this afternoon to *hopefully* lift my spirits.

Shopping. I’m going to go hit up some of the weekend sales in search of some new items for the house. Can’t wait!

Two more weeks… Two more weeks…. Two more weeks…