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Well, it’s officially sweater weather over here.

(I had to take cover heading out of Trader Joe’s)

It’s been raining all afternoon and the temperature is 42 degrees and dropping. My wine tasting plans with Hillary fell through since she wasn’t feeling well so I decided to grab a few groceries and head home to make some more of Page’s sweet potato veggie quinoa burgers. I’ve been craving one of these ever since I made them last week.

(I’m going after that one on the bottom left ;))

I’m one of these will go nicely on top of a big bed of TJ’s wasabi arugula with a side of more sweet potatoes smothered in ketchup. 🙂

I’m going to watch a little How I Met Your Mother then it’s Scrabble time with my sister. (Even though I didn’t make it to the wine tasting I suspect a glass or two may make an appearance later anyway….)

Hope you’re having a great evening! 🙂