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Hey how are you? 🙂

It’s been a busy couple of days over here. Well, sort of…

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of hosting my first ever fitblog chat on Twitter. The topic was Navigating the Holidays with Healthy Goals in Mind. It was a fun chat and I got a lot of tips and ideas I’m planning to share with you guys in tomorrow’s post.

I spent the rest of the day running around with my mom. We had lunch at the herb box at DC ranch.

It was a cute little cafe with great atmosphere. For some reason it made me feel like I was dining in the Florida Keys (which is never a bad thing in my book).

I ordered the black bean espresso soup which was so hearty and delicious.

(I saved half to pour over a bed of brown rice and veggies for last night’s dinner)

And for my entree I ordered the sunflower market salad.


This salad had blackened chicken, goat cheese, dried strawberries and blueberries and was perfection. In fact I’m craving it again right now.

We also split an order of sweet potato chips.

(my mom was kinda obsessed with these ;))

After lunch we headed over to Ikea since I’m on the furniture hunt. We browsed what felt like miles of items and all I ended up coming up with was this.

It’s supposed to be a child’s toy but I got it for the dogs – they love carrots.

(Do you think they make an ‘I shopped all day at Ikea and all I came back with was this stinkin’ carrot’ T shirt?)

I think I really just like to take my time and look around. I’m not usually one for impulse purchases when it comes to things like furniture and I’d been feeling a little directionless in the decorating world.

That is until today…

I discovered the world of design/decorating blogs. 🙂 Here are a few that I really like: Made By Girl, Abode Love, and Coco Cozy.

Browsing these sites definitely renewed my excitement for getting in my house and getting it decorated. I’m thinking of going with black, white and chocolate brown for wood furniture, neutrals for everything else with pops of color and fun fabrics to accent. I can’t wait!

As a bonus, I heard the final word from the sellers today that they will be out of the house by this Sunday. They had asked me last week if they could possibly stay and rent up to an additional week. I had agreed since I’m fairly flexible with my current living situation and was trying to look on the bright side (a little extra cash flow never hurts) but inside I was dying to get into my new place already. So I was very happy to hear I will be able to move in this weekend. 🙂

I’m so excited that this will be my last week of lugging around everything I own, mismatched outfits (I ran out the door in a hurry this morning to get to the gym and forgot to bring regular shoes for running errands and had to throw together an impromptu outfit – to quote my sister I look like I’m dressed in something I picked up at the lost and found), and random, on the go lunches.

Well I’m off to Trader Joe’s and the like. See you all tomorrow with some holiday stay fit tips! 🙂


Any other design blogs out there I should know about? I’m a little obsessed 🙂