Well it’s been raining all day.

I knew something was up when I left my plyo class this morning and it was still dark out.

A rainy day usually keeps people indoors and from the clinic but today at work was crazy. I had multiple patients for xrays and ultrasound, hospitalized a sick dog and a work-in surgery – definitely the busiest day I’ve had in awhile. I finally rolled home around 9:00. A Monday indeed.

Dinner was quick and easy:Β salmon burger and veggies.

After dinner I watched Two and a Half Men with my mom and unwound a little then skyped with my best friend (randomly, we were wearing the same exact shirt – what are the odds?)

I’ve got the rain pouring down outside, a day off tomorrow and I’ve never been more ready for bed. πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all having a great night! See you tomorrow!


Happy Birthday to my mom! ❀

(left a little flowers and card surprise for her this morning – I think she liked it :))