And the rain continues…

It’s been pouring off and on all day today.

A perfect day for holing up inside Starbucks with a skinny soy peppermint mocha.

(Which is exactly what I did in between appointments today)

I had a hair appointment this afternoon. Every 6-8 months or so I get a brazillian blowout to straighten my hair. My hair is very fine naturally and tends to have a not-quite-curly-but-not-quite-straight texture when left unstyled. My stylist Nick recommended the treatment to me a little over a year ago and I love it – it makes my hair so much more manageable.

It’s basically a straightening cream that he works into my hair then he dries it and seals it with a flatiron to get a super straight texture. The only caveat is I can’t get it wet for 48 hours (no washing, no gym, no rain – I had to hide under my hooded winter coat running errands this afternoon) – so basically I’m like a gremlin. 🙂

When he first does it my hair is stick straight which usually makes it a little difficult to style for the first couple weeks or so. But the end result is definitely worth it.

(view from the back)

Since sweating isn’t allowed I’m going to skip kickboxing tomorrow and just make it a rest day. It will be nice to actually sleep in a little in the morning. 🙂

Hope you’re having a great night!