Hey friends, hope your Tuesday is going well!

I am in love with this week so far. 🙂

Getting settled into new house feels great and even though my ‘home cooked’ meals consist of this:

(an egg and a cocoa almond butter on a rice cake before a much needed trip to Trader Joe’s)

I’m so incredibly happy and content.

Yesterday my brother helped me put up the outdoor lights (ok, he basically climbed the ladder and did all the work while I fed him the string of lights)

but there are lights up nonetheless 🙂

Today I had a workout with my trainer, carved a little down time to get a pedicure

(in Reindeer Nose Red – it wasn’t really called that ;))

worked on some Christmas cards

(while waiting to meet my brother for lunch at Pita Jungle – due to procrastination all of my cards are being hand delivered this year :))

(I had half of a Mediterranean chicken salad – portion sizes at Pita Jungle are huge so I had half wrapped up and I’ll take it for lunch tomorrow)

and finished up the last of my Christmas shopping (plus a quick stop to Trader Joe’s).

I just had dinner with my wonderful friend Melissa who’s pregnant with her second baby due any day.

Between the house coming together, a week full of get togethers with family and friends and a budding new romance (last night we walked over to the marketplace across from my house to see the 8 minute artificial snowfall – I was worried it might be lame, it ended up being kind of magical), I am on happiness overload. Things are going very well right now. 🙂

I’m headed back home to get ready for the work week, finish putting together gifts and, if I’m feeling ambitious enough, tackle Julie’s white chocolate peppermint popcorn recipe to share with coworkers tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a wonderful night! ❤

See you tomorrow!


What are you happy about this holiday season?