Hey friends how’s your Tuesday treating you so far? 🙂

Mine is going pretty well. I’m a little slow moving today due to being sidelined with pains from that TOTM. My lovely yoga friend Lauren recommended a ‘legs up the wall’ yoga pose (it’s exactly how it sounds) that helped a lot.

I had my first workout with my trainer Kenny in two weeks and it was a little killer after taking so much time off but I’m excited to get back in the swing of things. Starting next week we’re going to be hitting it hard with twice weekly sessions. I have mini fitness goals set for February and March and I can’t wait to keep seeing changes!

Speaking of changes, I’m finally getting around to furnishing the new place. Yesterday I went on a major small furniture shopping spree and I purchased a small desk from west elm and the dining table of my dreams. 🙂

(I can only hope it looks half this good once I get it in my house)

I had been eyeing this table for about a month and when I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it the website said it was no longer available online. I decided to head over to the store and plead to buy the floor model but luckily they had it in stock so there was no need. 🙂 I only need a modest sized table right now but this one expands to seat up to 10 which I love. The guy and I are going to go pick it up this evening – I’m excited! 🙂

A couple other items I was eyeing but wanted to sleep on were this sofa and chaise.

I definitely like both but just trying to decide where they’ll fit in the place and whether the chaise is practical or not (so pretty to look at but maybe not as functional as it could be. Definitely comfy to lounge in but if I have guests over will they really want to sit in it? )

Sticking with the detox so far, lunch this afternoon was pretty clean:


A brown rice, kale, black bean, turkey, squash and humus bowl. I’m going to line up my cable/internet install appointment (the office was closed yesterday!) and a few doctor’s appointments and get on with the day.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!


What’s your take on pretty but not-so-functional furniture?