Good morning! Happy Friday! 🙂

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. We’ve had had a couple of GI and flu-like ailments floating around the office and even though I spent yesterday sipping on this:

(Emergen-C in a smartwater bottle)

I think it’s getting to me anyway. 😦

No doubt the past couple weeks of stress and lack of sleep have contributed. Luckily I’m usually not the type to get full blown sick so I’m hoping if I take good care of myself I can kick it in a couple days’ time.

I thought about going to my Kosama class this morning (since I’d been up since 4:30 anyway) but once I started feeling some muscle aches and chills setting in I opted for a nice hot shower and leisurely morning instead.

Today I’ve got a fairly easy day at work and an eye doctor appointment mid-day (I have a contact that’s been bugging me and I want to be sure to get it checked out before the weekend). I’m going to wear my yoga pants today for a little extra comfort – they’re black and, paired with a nice shirt under my lab coat I don’t think anybody will even notice. 😉

I’m also going to drink plenty of this

and basically just try and take it easy.

I hope you have a lovely Friday!


Any favorite cold/flu remedies to share?