Hey friends how’s your weekend shaping up? 🙂

Mine pretty much blew by in a whilrwind but I managed to pack it full of lots of fun stuff:

I went to Zoo Lights with work friends. Our plans from last weekend fell through so we ended up going last night – I rode a camel!

broke my detox for sushi – it was worth it. 😉

I bought a TV. (FINALLY!)

It’s still in pieces for the moment but that’s going to change real quick. (Someone’s going to be watching Desperate Housewives tonight… :)).

I took the dogs to the dog park. I had been feeling bad because they’ve been a little cooped up this week so this morning the guy and I took them over for a couple hours so they could get their crazy out.

They had lots of fun running around and making new friends.

We sat on a bench and watched all the dogs run by. We even had a few visitors come by to say hello and share from the communal water bowl that I brought along. I love watching all the dogs at the dog park. The look on their faces is always the same – like they could explode with happiness from having the best day ever.

(my little guys were no exception)

We spent about 2 hours at the park before calling it quits.

Someone tuckered out a little early 🙂

After all was said and done I definitely had some tired and happy pups.

(Eddy was mid-yawn in this shot)

So…some of you have asked me for some dating details so for those who are curious, here you go: 🙂

His name is Tony (which is a little weird because he has the same name as my high school boyfriend who incidentally has been my longest relationship to date.)

He’s a firefighter (mmhmm…I know ;))

His dad is my boss (which I thought was going to be super awkward but so far nbd)

He’s pretty handy around the house (<—a bonus) and the night he helped me put my dining table together has been one of my favorite dates so far.

He’s smart and funny and patient and kind.

Oh yeah.. and I might love him already (only he doesn’t know that yet… ;)) He doesn’t know about the blog yet either – one thing at a time.

So there you have it! I’ll keep you posted on how things are going. I’m off to do some much needed cleaning and organizing around the house and then it’s Desperate Housewives time.

Hope you’re having a wonderful night! 🙂