This post almost had a different title entirely.

Around noon today I was at work today and I got a text from my sister asking me if I’d seen Smush because she couldn’t find him anywhere. She’s been walking the dogs for me while she’s on winter break from grad school until I can find a steady dog walker in the neighborhood. He usually naps in the dog bed in the afternoons and he’s a very friendly cat, definitely not the type to hide so immediately I was concerned.

I racked my brain for the last time I’d seen him – I could remember him sitting on the the bathroom counter eating his food last night (I have to keep it up there or else the dogs eat it) but he wasn’t in bed with me when I woke up which I remember thinking was odd but I was in a rush this morning though so I didn’t notice him not being around.

I knew he had to have escaped. I live off of a busy street (he’s already been hit by a car once before I owned him, hence the missing eye) and we have coyotes and a bobcat that roam the undeveloped area just behind my house so there was definitely a lot of potential trouble for him to get into. Of course, realizing that at work made it tough to focus on the remainder of my appointments. Luckily I have great coworkers and one of the other doctors offered to stay late so I could leave early and look for him and one of the technicians posted a missing report on Craig’s List right away.

In between my last few appointments of the day, I called all of the veterinary clinics within a 15 mile radius – he has a microchip so if he was turned in I knew he could easily be claimed – then I rushed home and started to scour the neighborhood posting signs.

It wasn’t too long before I received a call – my neighbors down the street had him safe and sound and so I raced over to pick him up. Nice way to meet your neighbors. 🙂

They were a cute little couple living with an elderly lady and it turns out they’d looked after him all day, even fed him and offered him use of their cat’s litter box. I was so relieved to hear he didn’t have to wander the streets without food, water or toilet (he doesn’t actually use the toilet, that’s just my favorite line from Meet the Parents ;))


I got home, devoured half of a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar and several spoonfuls of almond butter (I’ve mentioned I’m a stress eater right..?) then went for another 4 mile run (luckily I’m also a stress runner…) – I needed one after today’s emotional roller coaster.

I figured out Smush must have escaped through the doggy door that the previous owners left behind. There’s a cover on it but I saw him trying to lift it with his paw tonight (trying to escape again already!) so I’m going to have to rectify that situation real quick.

I’m so thankful to have such kind neighbors

(I took them a thank you and gift card to show my appreciation)

and lucky to have my buddy home safe and sound.

I’m going to unwind a little, eat a plate full of turkey, kale and veggies and watch Modern Family (yay for DVR!)

Hope you all are having a relaxing night!

See you tomorrow 🙂