Hey friends, how’s your week going so far? 🙂

Mine’s going pretty well. I worked yesterday but we were pretty slow so lots of time to catch up on paperwork and do a little desk cleaning which is always a good thing. 🙂

I had a pretty decent break late afternoon so I decided to head over to Whole Foods and make it an almond milk latte kind of day.

Ever since I gave up drinking coffee on a daily basis it seems like more of an indulgence whenever I do have it and I think it has made me enjoy it even more.

Today I’m off work and I’ve been mostly taking it easy. I had a session with my trainer this morning and went for a 3 mile treadmill run. The past few days I’ve had a giant knot in my mid-back and when I mentioned it to Kenny this morning he suggested I get a massage. I had forgotten that around Christmas I had gotten a gift certificate for a massage for purchasing a couple gifts for friends and I decided today would be a great day to cash it in.

It was way overdue and just what I needed.

Tonight I’m having the same thing I made for dinner last night – an arugula salad with shrimp, apple, dates, honey goat cheese and apple cider vinegar.

The combination of warm shrimp, spicy arugula, sweet dates and tangy goat cheese is so delicious.

I’m off for week three of salsa – hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday night!

What’s your go-to salad combination? Before now I would have said spinach, chicken, apple and date but this salad gives my old fave a run for it’s money!