Hey everyone, how was your Thursday? ๐Ÿ™‚

Mine started off with an atypical breakfast (at least for me)

1 egg + 3 egg whites and millet toast with cran-apple butter

This morning when I was getting ready to make my usual smoothie it just didn’t sound appealing so I opted for eggs instead. I’ve also recently introduced millet bread back into my life ( you haven’t tried it give it a whirl – I love the chewy texture and it has a great flavor too).

Today was rather slow at work so I had a lot of time to think and my mind kept coming back around to exercise. Since I moved, or actually for probably the past several months if I’m being honest, I have had a really hard time finding my exercise groove. A couple years back, shortly after I started working out with my trainer Kenny, I would say I was probably in the best shape I’ve ever been. My clothes were loose, I had good muscle definition and I really craved working out for the fun of it and because of how it made me feel. I was definitely at my happy weight (I”m not talking about a number on a scale so much as just a feeling) and I haven’t seemed to be able to get back there the past couple years.

Today, as I was running through various workout schedules in my head, planning meals and wondering where I’ve been going wrong a thought occurred to me – just do it.

I’m pretty sure a couple years ago when my body was the way I’d like it to be now I wasn’t fretting over workouts or food, I was simply exercising for the joy of it and eating what made me feel good inside and out. I wasn’t running 10 miles a day or spending hours in spin class, I was doing impromptu zumba dvd workouts and hiking for the fun of it. Lately I’ve been putting way more thought and worry into it and I’ve lost sight of the reason why I love to work out in the first place – because it’s fun (staying healthy and looking good is just the icing on the cake). I’ve decided it’s time to go back to that mentality. I’ve been putting too much thought into it. Truthfully, it probably doesn’t matter what mode of exercise I choose as long as I’m doing somethingย I enjoy nearly every day. And if I feel like I need to rest one day than I’ll do that too.

I think a big key for me is working out in the morning. it just gets my day started right and puts me in the right frame of mind (plus the energy boost I get from a morning workout is addicting). ย I’m also hoping that being forced to go to bed at a decent hour will help me curb the late night snacking (probably my biggest pitfall). So starting tomorrow morning my goal is just to make it to the gym – what I’ll do when I get there is yet to be determined .:)

Tonight after work I went to spin class – a class I always reap a huge amount of enjoyment from. Dinner was a light yet satisfying salad:

arugula, shrimp, asparagus, green and red bell pepper and Trader Joe’s goddess dressing.

Well, I think I’d better get to bed if I want to make my early wake up call. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re having a great night!


What’s your key to keeping your workouts fun? I think morning workouts are always more fun with a friend but I don’t know anybody who wants to go to the gym as early as I need to go.ย Anyone want to be my virtual morning workout buddy?ย ๐Ÿ™‚