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Hey! How’s everyone’s Saturday morning so far? 🙂

I have to work today but since there weren’t many appointments on the schedule I’m going in at 9 am instead of 8 which I love, mostly because it gives me extra time to do things like this:

So yesterday I received a text from my sister Nancy saying she had just sent a Valentine’s Day package via fedex to our parent’s dog Hank followed by #mydogismyvalentine (yes, my sister and I often write in hashtag to one another in our texts because we’re #lame cool like that ;)).

Let me back up and explain that my sister has had a longstanding love affair with our parent’s dog as evidenced by the following pictures.

The Christmas photo:

The candid shot:

The “we just got our toes done” pic:

And my personal favorite, the prom photo:

It’s a little out of control.

Although I have to say, I know Nancy isn’t alone in her canine love affair. I happen to have a few pups that I’m crazy about in case you didn’t know.

How can you look at these little faces and not see love?

So all of this puppy love got me thinking… why not have a My Dog Is My Valentine Valentine’s Day Giveaway?

Do you have a pampered pooch who you adore more than anything? Send me your best lovey dovey photo of the two of you and a short note saying why you love him/her and on February 14th I will pick a winner to receive a gift both you and your pup will enjoy. 🙂

Please send all entries to klifesprinkles@gmail.com subject: My dog is my valentine.

(PS I’ll accept cat entries too!)

Hope you have a lovely Saturday. Let’s get those photos coming!