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Hi! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Sunday so far. 🙂

I started the morning off with one of the best runs I’ve had in awhile. I had 7 miles on the agenda today (as part of my training for the 1/2 marathon I’ll be running in San Diego in March) and I headed over to a nearby running/biking/dog walking trail to hammer out my goal.

I could tell it was going to be a good run before I even started – I just woke up in the mood for a run this morning (despite the fact that Alan and Jelly’s barking got me up about an hour earlier than planned) and I managed to keep my good energy up through breakfast and on the short drive over to the trail.

It may sound silly but I’m the type of person who can easily psych myself out before or during a run – I’ll start thinking “did I eat enough?” or “did I eat too much?” or my favorite, “what if I have to use the bathroom?” Today’s run however was one of those great runs where I felt like I could just sit back and enjoy the ride while my body did the work. That’s not to say that I didn’t notice my aching feet a few times but I just reminded myself to take in the scenery (which was easy, it’s a beautiful trail along a lake and there were plenty of bikers and dogs out getting their exercise in too) and enjoy the run. It’s as simple as that but it helped me keep my mind in the right place. True, I may be training for a race but in the end the reason I run is because I enjoy it.

My post-run recovery snack was this small shake made with 1/2 banana, almond milk, 1/2 scoop chocolate sunwarrior, a little cinnamon and cacao nibs.


I’m off to grab coffee with my mom then we’re going to work on a little project. I’ve been wanting to work on making an inspiration board to help keep track of my fitness, health and personal goals (I had made one about a year ago and I loved having it but it hasn’t been updated in awhile) and I convinced my mom to do it with me so that’s what we’ll be doing this afternoon. 🙂

Last weekend we bought a couple boxes of Valentine’s Day candy from Trader Joe’s so I have a feeling we’ll be breaking into that also…

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Question of the day: Runners – how do you keep your focus during longer runs?