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Good morning! 🙂

How’s your Monday? Hopefully your week is off to a great start already.

I started my day off by taking the dogs for a long walk along the same trail I ran yesterday. Since I saw so many dogs out enjoying themselves during my run it really made me want to take them so they could experience it too.

They had a blast.

(The three-headed monster stopping briefly to sniff something)

After our walk, I had a total body weights session with my trainer Kenny. Every couple months or so we’ll have a sit-down talk to discuss my goals and progress. Today’s pep talk was a good one. Kenny really laid it out for me as far as the steps I need to take to continue toward achieving my goals – eating well, limiting snacks and treats (for me, chocolate), putting in the time and work and keeping at it. Truthfully, it was nothing groundbreaking but sometimes it just takes someone else to sit you down remind you what you’re working towards and the steps you need to take to get there.

Our talk really made an impression on me, especially falling right on the heels of yesterday’s inspiration board project.

I think we all know logically what we need to do to achieve our goals but often it’s the motivation that can be the difficult part. That’s why I thought I’d create a little series for the blog called ‘Motivation Mondays.’

Each Monday for the next couple months (or longer, depending how it works out and whether you guys like it), the theme of the post is going to be motivation. I’m going to be posting tips and ideas for staying motivated and I hope you guys will share your own experience and tips with me as well. I’m also going to use it as a point to check in with my own goals and progress and, if you’d like to participate, I encourage you to do the same. I chose Monday because I think starting the week off with our goals in the forefront of our minds will help keep them there and set the tone for a more productive week.

My first task for this series (and yours too, if you’d like) is going to be to create my inspiration board. (Notice I didn’t say ‘finish’ because I think an inspiration board should be something you can add to or change at any point as your goals change but I just want to get a good, solid foundation). Yesterday was a good start but there are still goals of mine I’d like to represent and things I’d like to add.

Creating An Inspiration Board:

An inspiration board really can be anything you want, but mine is basically a collage of pictures and words that serves as a daily reminder of my goals (fitness, health, career, personal etc). I used a thick piece of cardboard stock and colorful thumbtacks to adhere phrases and pictures I found in magazines (I literally flip through the pages cutting as I go) but there are tons of varieties of boards out there. I like having something tangible that I can look at every day but if you’d prefer, you can use pinterest to create an online version. I’ve even seen some people do really cute framed ones. Get creative!

For a good example click here.

I’ll share more of my goals and inspiration board next week but here’s a sneak peak for now.

Lunch today was random but delicious.

(Two scrambled egg whites with bell pepper, a turkey burger on a bed of greens with organic ketchup and TJ’s goddess dressing and a side of apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon)

I’m off to get my tax documents organized for my meeting with my accountant this afternoon. I somehow always manage to see him right on or around Valentine’s Day. Go figure. 🙂

I hope you’re having a productive Monday!

PS If you haven’t yet, please don’t forget to enter my ‘My Dog is My Valentine’ giveaway if you’d like to. I look forward to seeing your pictures! 🙂


Something to ponder: What are your current fitness/health/career/personal goals? How do you keep them in the forefront on a daily basis? Have you ever created an inspiration board?