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Hey guys! It’s Friday  – who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. 🙂

First off, thanks to those of you who offered up suggestions and support after my last post (and to all of you who quietly listened to me rant :)). I really appreciate all of your thoughtful words of advice.

I think Lillian put it best saying, “Scales are for fish.” We can all agree right?

In trying to brainstorm a solution to my little dilemma over the past couple days I was kind of at a loss. I’m pretty happy with the way I eat and, as I already mentioned, have no intention of cutting out the occasional indulgence. I am already fairly active (thanks for reminding me) and I certainly don’t want to kill myself overdoing it. I went around in my head about it for a bit until last night.

I made it to my usual spin class on time (a rarity) and was able to take advantage of the full hour for once. As if an hour of spin isn’t enough, my instructor must have been feeling extra spunky because he was pushing us harder than he has in a long time (lots of variation – hills, intervals, “climbing” the handlebars, going hands-free and clapping along to the “bam-a-lams” of Black Betty). At one point, he walked around the class asking how we were doing and when he got to me he asked me if I was sweating – I’m pretty sure he was mocking me because I was drenched. There was more than one point where I literally didn’t think my legs could last one more minute.

Right then I realized I hadn’t felt that ‘worked out’ in a long time. Sure I’ve been working out. Hell, I ran for over an hour and a half last weekend and, while it wasn’t a breeze, I didn’t feel all that spent either. I could have busted out a couple more miles if I’d had to. Clearly if I can tackle that I must be in decent shape. I think my body has just become a little too comfortable with my workouts.

It makes sense. Running is my cardio of choice and has been for the past few years. I’ve also been working out with the same trainer and, while he definitely switches up our workouts frequently, there are plenty of moves I can do in my sleep and I can’t even remember the last time we’ve increased weight in any exercise.

I’m thinking (hoping?) that my body has just become accustomed to what I’ve been doing and that I just need to shake things up a little to push through this plateau. I talked to my trainer and we’re going to start incorporating some kickboxing into our sessions as well as using higher weight/lower reps for some exercises. We’re going to try  that for a month and see how it goes. I’m hoping it does the trick.

As for cardio, running is always going to be my first love and right now I’m training with a goal in mind but after the half marathon in a couple weeks I’m going to try and add in some hiking – perfect timing with the weather warming up.

I want to share last night’s dinner with you because it was a good one. I made a salad with arugula, brussels sprouts, asparagus, tomatoes, shrimp and polenta. In lieu of dressing I topped it off with a little greek yogurt.

I had never tried polenta before and I bought some on a whim at the grocery store a few days ago. I just cut it up into little rounds and fried it in a bit of olive oil for a couple minutes on each side. The mix of the warm crispy polenta and cool creamy greek yogurt was so delicious – definitely try this one!

Well I’m off – we have a meeting at work today and Pita Jungle is going to cater. All I can think about is the falafel pita I’ve got coming my way.

Have a great Friday!


Question of the day: How often do you vary your workouts? What’s your favorite form of cardio?