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Greetings from Sky Harbor International!

I’m at my terminal waiting to board my plane to San Diego. I made a quick pit stop to grab some water (one of my travel essentials) and pick up these babies.

I had been needing to pick up some new ear phones for the race on Sunday. Since I’ve been training on my own I had taken the luxury of just blasting my iPod out loud while I run – but somehow I don’t think that’s going to fly for the race. I hate wearing ear phones (probably because I have ridiculously small ears and ear phones almost never fit me) but these Brookstone ear buds are the only ones I’ve found that are actually comfortable (if you have small ears, I highly recommend them!).

Speaking of music, I think I’ going to spend the flight organizing my race playlist. On my list so far:

Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’

Pitbul ‘International Love’

Adele ‘Rolling in the Deep’

If you have any suggestions I”d love to hear them!

I’m off! See you in SD!