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Hey everyone! How was your day? 🙂

Mine went pretty well. I was geared up for a busy surgery day at work but a few of my appointments cancelled at the last minute so it wound up being a slower day than I had anticipated.

I took advantage of the afternoon lull to head out for a coffee break.

I ordered an almond milk latte which gave me a little energy boost and got me primed for spin class. Spin had my blood flowing and definitely lifted my mood (great music and fist pumping from the instructor as always :)).

I had been kind of feeling irritated with my morning routine all day. Lately, I feel like no matter how much I try and streamline my work day mornings I’m always running late. I work long hours and I like to fit a lot into my days but that often leaves me wishing I had extra time on my hands. I wake up fairly early as it is (usually around 4:45 – 5:15) but between fitting in a workout, taking care of the dogs and getting myself ready I usually find myself scrambling to make it out the door by 7:15 (when I should ideally be leaving for work).

Take this morning for example: I woke up at 5:25 (I hit the snooze a little longer than typical) and fed the dogs first thing like I always do. I knew I wanted to get in some sort of workout (I have much more energy if I get myself moving in the mornings) but since I’d slept in a little I didn’t have time to run to the gym. Instead, I popped in an exercise video and ended up doing about 25 minutes of Tracy Anderson’s Dance Cardio (which definitely got me pumped and did the trick).

After all of that jumping around my living room I was starving so I attempted to quickly assemble breakfast which caused me to mess up the measurements of the protein pancake I was making and it never really took shape the way it was supposed to. Pancake fail.


I still ate the crumbled pieces alongside my chocolate banana smoothie and scrambled egg whites (hey, I don’t discriminate when it comes to breakfast) but it wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped so I made myself a second breakfast of Trader Joe’s granola with almond milk and peanut butter.

(Much better.)

Amidst the breakfast fiasco I attempted to catch up on blogs, while drinking my coffee. I probably lingered at the computer a little longer than I should have, trying to fit a little relaxation into my hectic morning. I jumped out of my seat when I saw the clock hit 6:50 remembering that I still had to take the dogs out for a walk. I rushed to get ready (which doesn’t take much on surgery days – hair in a pony tail and dressed, that’s about it) and had the dogs leashed up by 7:05, just long enough for a quick and disappointing trip down the street and back (I have a dog walker who comes in the afternoons but I still like to get them out in the morning to strut their stuff). Dog walk fail.

As I was heading out the door at 7:22 (already late), I realized I hadn’t put the trash out yet which set me back a few minutes more. I cursed to myself, frustrated from having attempted a lot with my morning but not really feeling like I had succeeded at any one thing. Morning FAIL.

I racked my brain all day trying to come up with a better routine. I really do give myself a pretty tall order for my mornings, maybe I’d be better off to just pick a few priorities each day and try sticking to those.

For example, this morning I really didn’t need to do any cardio since I usually go to spin class Thursday nights (I’m not really sure what I was thinking – I think my workout schedule is still all messed up from the 1/2 marathon). Since I get home later on Thursdays the dogs could probably benefit from a longer walk those mornings (which would also be a great energy boost for me). I probably also didn’t need to attempt to cook a big breakfast this morning. In the future I can save the pancake and eggs for more leisurely days and stick to quick breakfast options like oats or granola on work days.

Sigh. I’ve been trying to settle into a nice morning routine since I moved – I guess it’s still a work in progress. There’s always tomorrow.

Dinner tonight at least was a win.

Brown rice, broccoli, asparagus, onion, red bell pepper, orange wedges and shrimp with soy sauce – jJust the mix of sweet and salty I was craving. The leftovers are going to be tomorrow’s lunch. 🙂

I’m off to bed – hope you’re having a great night!



What’s your morning routine? Do you have it down or are you still working on it like me?