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Hey, happy Friday! 🙂

Any fun plans for St. Patty’s Day?


I’ll be working tomorrow during the day but I’m trying to get some friends together in the evening for a late birthday celebration. I’m looking forward to it!

This morning went a little more smoothly than yesterday. I managed to make it to the gym for a quick but effective strength workout. I had time to shower and even dress up a little for work (I ditched my yoga pants for some actual dress pants and heels – it’s been awhile since I’ve busted these babies out). I didn’t have time to take the dogs on their walk but I spent some time throwing their toys around and then ate breakfast while watching them play ‘King of the Mountain.’ (Eddy and Jelly Bean take turns jumping up on the chaise lounge and barking at the other ‘lowly’ servants down below. Alan doesn’t participate so much as watch. It’s pretty hilarious).

Breakfast this morning was a quick but delicious combo that I hadn’t had in quite awhile:

I blended a frozen banana with 1 scoop chocolate sunwarrior and almond milk and topped with Trader Joe’s almond granola and a spoonful of peanut butter (+ yerba mate tea). The cool thick smoothie combined with crunchy granola was so satisfying. I think this is going to be a warm weather staple over here!

I stayed up a little too late last night and when the alarm went off I debated going to the gym. I always have a little internal check that I do when this happens: I picture myself getting up and going to the gym and if the act of going through a workout sounds unbearable, I realize I need the extra sleep and I’ll head back to bed. This morning I was tired but heading to the gym itself actually sounded really good so I decided to suck it up and go. I’m glad I did because I definitely have more energy today than I would have if I’d hit snooze for another half hour.

This afternoon I popped over to Whole Foods for a quick mid-day almond milk latte (just try and keep me away!) and I also grabbed a snack for later.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!


Question: How do you reconcile the gym debate?