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Hey there, how’s your Tuesday going so far? 🙂

I had a little bit of a rough night last night, sleep-wise. I headed to bed fairly early but I tossed and turned way past midnight and the dogs woke me up extra early as usual. I was a little slow moving this morning but after a great workout with my trainer I’m actually feeling pretty chipper!

Today we did a CrossFit style workout – mountain climbers, burpees plus lots of squats and strength exercises using kettlebells. It was a good change-up from our usual routine. We had also planned for a reassessment today being the two week mark after my last disappointing weigh-in. As I stepped on the scale I braced myself for the worst but I actually ended up losing about two pounds. Not too bad considering having been on vacation and indulging a little more than usual over the weekend.

After our session a couple weeks back I had racked my brain for a solution to getting back to my goal weight and finally just decided to start listening to my body. It sounds so commonsense but I think that by listening to myself and trusting that my body knows what it needs I’m actually getting back to finding a more natural balance for myself.

One big change I’ve made has been incorporating larger breakfasts into my day (being that I’m generally hungrier in the mornings). As a result I’m naturally more full in the evenings and don’t tend to rush home from work starving anymore. I’ve also been loosely tracking my calories using the myplate app from the LIVESTRONG website.

The calorie counting has been more out of curiosity than anything and I don’t know how much of a role it’s played. I haven’t taken the time to do a direct comparison to the way I was eating before but I’d venture a guess I’m actually taking in more calories now than I was a couple weeks ago. I think maybe I’m finally just giving my body what it needs. I’ve also (mostly) just stopped worrying so much about it, which has possibly been the most significant change. I know it’s only been a couple weeks and it’s still early on but I already feel leaner, better and more satisfied overall. I’m thinking this is going to stick. 🙂

Lunch today was a stir fry of brown rice with chicken, red bell pepper, asparagus, onion and broccoli with tamari

plus an orange

I plan to spend most of the day lounging around the house and getting meals ready for the rest of the week. I have a couple appointments later this afternoon then a continuing education meeting for work.

Hope your day is going well!


Question: Do you tend to listen to your body to find balance? I think I used to actually be pretty good at this but up until recently I’d just gone astray. I like to believe our bodies know what’s best and will balance themselves out if given the chance. 🙂