Oh man, when I posted on Thursday that it was going to be a busy week I didn’t know the half of it.

Fridays at work are usually pretty slow. I typically take advantage of that by heading out for a leisurely lunch or coffee break so I can blog or just get away. Yesterday, however, I ended up in surgery most of the afternoon for a foreign body removal on cavalier king charles spaniel. She came in vomiting and I could feel a piece of thickened intestine in her abdomen so we went in hoping for the best. We ended up removing several elastic hair bands and about a foot of bowel.

Luckily my schedule was pretty clear and I actually had a few appointments cancel so I was able to have enough time for her surgery. It was almost like the gods parted the waters to make room for everything to go smoothly. Surgery went well and she’s recovering now but by the time I finished up last night it was pretty late. I met up with fam for a late dinner at the revolving sushi bar (has anyone tried this? So fun!) but I ended up calling it an early night since I pretty much felt like a zombie.

Work today was busy as most Saturdays are and I don’t honestly know how I made it through the day. I’m running on steam, literally. About all I feel like doing is laying around on the couch for the next several hours.

So that’s exactly what I plan to do. 🙂


About a week ago, one of the technicians at work lent me the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy. I guess it’s supposed to be pretty good or something? 😉

I’ll see you when I resurface. 🙂


Have you read The Hunger Games? What did you think?