Well, friends, it has been a week.

Twelve hour + days at work and my patient from last week passed away from complications unrelated to surgery. It’s always hard to lose a patient but it’s especially heart-wrenching when it’s one that you’ve put so much effort and emotion into. I’m saddened by the loss and heartbroken for her family. It’s been a rough time.

A couple weeks back I switched days with a coworker so I was fortunate to have the day off today to rest and decompress.

I took my mom out to lunch. We had salad,

(mine had grapes, pine nuts and grilled chicken – a delicious combo)


and some much needed mother/daughter time. 🙂

Seeing this smiling face also helped to lift my spirits.

(my parents’ dog Hank – do you see a resemblance between him and the cookie? :))

I’m off to see the Hunger Games (!)

Hope your weekend is off to a relaxing start. 🙂