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Happy Monday!

Breakfast this morning was inspired by this month’s issue of Self magazine.

1 c quinoa, almond milk, blueberries, cashew cream (I use this recipe) and a little maple syrup. I used to eat a lot of quinoa ‘cereal’ and absolutely love it but for some reason lately it’s fallen out of my breakfast rotation. When I saw this recipe in Self  I decided to pick some up pronto.

Just as wonderful as I remembered. 🙂

Well, it’s time for your next installment of Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday:

Who out there has a goal that they’re trying to achieve? Come on, hands up! 🙂

We probably all do, right? I know I personally set goals for myself all the time. The goal that has been most recently near and dear to my heart has been to finally shed the few pounds I’ve put on over the past year or so. A few weeks ago my trainer Kenny set me a target date of April 30th to achieve the first phase of my goal. I started off strong but the past week or two I’ve kind of just been chugging along. I wanted to do something to bring my goal to the forefront again so that I wouldn’t lose momentum.

So I wrote myself a note:

Now I have a daily reminder of exactly why I want to drop the extra weight taped to my bathroom mirror (which will especially come in handy on those early gym mornings). There will be virtually no way I can let this goal fall by the wayside.

What is your most important goal at the moment? What note can you write to yourself to help achieve it?

Hope your week is off to a great start!