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Hey, how’s your Tuesday going? 🙂

Mine is going pretty well. Tuesday is typically my day off but I’m picking up a day for my coworker. It felt so strange to get up and get ready for work today, all morning long I kept thinking it was Thursday. My days are all messed up this week!

Speaking of messed up.. .breakfast this morning didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

I attempted arecipe for banana-nut quinoa pancakes featured in this month’s Self magazine but it ended up a crumbly mess. The pancakes never took enough shape to be flipped and eventually I had to give up and just ‘scramble’ them or risk buring the quinoa.

I had my crumblecakes with a side of hazelnut coffee. Topped with greek yogurt, more bananas, walnuts and maple syrup, they may not have been the prettiest pancakes but they still tasted delicious. I’m a big fan of the banana/walnut combination on pancakes.

This morning’s workout was also courtesy of Self magazine and the ‘Tone It Up!’ girls. In an attempt to switch up my eating and workout routine I’m incorporating a few of the recipes and exercises from their ‘Drop 10 Challenge.’ I’m not following the program exactly, just taking some new ideas to refresh my own routine.

It was nice to be able to do my workout from the comfort of my own living room this morning and I appreciated the the extra time saved I by not having to trek back and forth to the gym especially now that the dog training has added an extra element to my morning routine. Plus it’s also just nice to give my muscles a little change up from the usual routine.

How often do you switch up your eating and exercise routine? Where do you find your inspiration? I always leaf through magazines for recipe and exercises I can tear out and I keep the good ones in a file for when I need to liven things up a little.

Hope your week is going well! 🙂