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Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Easter for those who celebrated.

I made out pretty well after my family’s annual easter egg hunt.

{popchips in ever flavor, gift cards galore and yes, that is a bottle of chocolate wine – I’m intrigued!}

For the past few years my parents – in desperate need of grandchildren and with none on the horizon – have taken it upon themselves to orchestrate an easter egg hunt for the *kids*  (my siblings and I, most of us in our thirties). They hide a couple dozen or so eggs around the house and then the *adults* stand by and watch as we scramble to find them. Each egg is painted with a number that corresponds to a *prize* and once the eggs are all collected the prizes are handed out – as you can see, it’s not at all embarrassing. I complain about it every year. I think this year’s protest went something like, “Seriously, do we really have to….what’s that a Starbucks gift card….?” I guess sometimes it’s not so bad to be a ‘kid’ again afterall. 😉


Motivation Monday:

Well, it’s that time again! What do you say we start the week off right with a little motivation?

Do you have a giant task you’ve been putting off or a project that keeps falling by the wayside? I have a couple home organization projects that I’ve been needing to tackle. Ok, so I basically have two entire rooms full of boxes still waiting to be unpacked or thrown away from when I moved in over three months ago.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

These are my guest bedrooms and, as I have yet to have any guests, I’ve had the luxury of simply closing the doors and avoiding all of the clutter. However, yesterday when my aunt and uncle said they wanted to come see my new house and I realized I would be embarrassed to have them stop by and see this mess I decided it was finally time to do something about it.

A big project like this can seem daunting, especially if you’re like me and put it on your to-do list week after week but never really get around to it (I mean, come on who wants to spend all of their free time on the weekend cleaning or working?). The truth is, it really doesn’t matter whether you dive in and do it all at once or just tackle a little at a time but the longer it looms over your head the worse it can feel.

Often times the best thing to do is to just get it started. Set a timer, put on some music, do whatever it takes to get in the zone and just do it. You’ll be surprised at what you can actually get accomplished with half and hour or an hour of uninterrupted (read: no procrastinating) time. You may not finish the project entirely, but you’re guaranteed to make some headway and then next time you walk by that pile of unorganized papers or boxes or whatever, it will be smaller and you will feel better. So go ahead and get started – you’ll be glad you did. 🙂


This morning’s breakfast was another coffee banana coconut smoothie.

I have been loving this combination lately and I knew I’d need an extra kick in the pants to tackle my roomful of boxes. I also had a S’mores Luna bar on the side. Not an exciting breakfast, but it got the job done. 🙂

Hope your week is off to a great start!


What big project have you been putting off? What is your plan to get it started?