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Hey there! πŸ™‚ How’s your week going?

After having 5 days off in a row and enjoying a nice little break I’m now back into the work grind full force. Well, it was nice while it lasted. πŸ™‚

The past couple days have been pretty busy with little time to do more than eat, work and sleep. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we’re headed into summer or what but I’m really starting to feel like I need a vacation. Is anyone else feeling like this?


Um, yeah. I could go for one of those right about now.

I had planned on hitting up my usual spin class after work tonight but this guy threw a little wrench into my plans.

My parents’ dog Hank, aka the ‘H Man,’ has been limping for a few days and last night it got worse. We decided it was time to take him in for a check up (he had been on some pain medication but it just didn’t seem to be cutting it). The H Man is half Basset Hound and half Labrador – a combination better known as a Bassador – Β and, while he’s an interesting mix, having a stocky Lab body with Basset legs unfortunately sets him up for a host of orthopedic problems.



(The above image is not Hank but it’s pretty darn close.)

Anyway, the H Man got to tag along with me at work today. It’s always weird to me having one of my pets at work. It’s almost like ‘Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day’ or something – I don’t know, it’s just strange. Hank was a model patient throughout his exam and even wagged his tail right up until the sedative hit him for his xrays.

Hank’s hips:

Let’s just say – not good.

He has some pretty severe arthritis and it’s actually a wonder he’s doing as well as he has been. I got him started on a couple different pain and joint medications and as of this evening he was feeling quite a bit better (although some of that may have still been the effects of his silly juice).

I’m glad to be able to help a brother in need (since Hank is my parents’ dog, he’s technically my brother) but I am a little disappointed I wasn’t able to make it to spin tonight, especially since I have been starting to feel some fitness changes coming on and I’m excited to keep that up. But, alas, these things happen and so we adjust. And it’s not the end of the world.

I’m just happy knowing that the H Man will hopefully rest a little easier tonight.

(Instagram courtesy of my sister)

I hope you’re having a relaxing evening yourself!

See you tomorrow!


Do you have any family pets that may as well be a sibling?Β I can’t be the only one…. πŸ™‚