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What do crazy people do when they’ve been cooped up inside working for four days straight? They go hiking in the rain.

Well, at least this crazy person does. 🙂

True to form lately, the last few days at work have been nuts and as a result my workouts have fallen by the wayside. Incidentally, I also haven’t been sleeping very well this week and by the time this morning rolled around I was pretty much spent.

When I left the office this afternoon I knew if I wanted to get in some exercise I would need to do so immediately – go directly to the gym, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Luckily I had some workout clothes on me from Thursday’s failed attempt to make it to spin. Normally at the end of the work week I love unwinding with a long run on the treadmill but after spending the last few days indoors I was feeling a little stir crazy. I decided a hike in the cool. open outdoors sounded perfect.

It’s been rather cold and dreary here the past couple days and, although the clouds threatened rain as I drove out to the mountain, I didn’t care. I was going to hike come hell or high water – or any kind of water for that matter.

It was chillier than I realized and the wind had quite a kick to it but it felt invigorating. I made it most of the way through my short hike before the rain started coming down.

(A couple pics I snapped just prior)

It was physically and mentally just what I needed. 🙂

Tonight has been all about relaxing. My brothers came over to watch the Coyotes playoffs game and I’ve been sprawled out on the chaise lounge the entire evening (I’m not sure why I never sit on the chaise when it’s just me at home – it’s soooo comfortable!)

Tonight’s dinner courtesy of Chipotle:

and dessert

I ❤ Swedish Fish.

The dogs did a pretty good job of entertaining themselves tonight with kongs and chew toys.

One little old lady passed out early 🙂

I’m about to do the same!

Hope you’re having a relaxing night!


What’s your favorite candy? If we’re talking non-chocolate candy then I’d have to say Swedish Fish are right up there with Sour Patch Kids for me. If we’re talking all candy then my answer would be anything chocolate. 🙂