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I was just about to go to bed when I remembered I promised you a Motivation Monday post. 😉 So here ya go!


Motivation Monday!

Those of you who read the blog regularly probably know about my recent struggles with the scale and the frustration I’d been feeling over some weight gain and the lack of changes I was seeing in my body despite some decent exercise efforts. It’s only been over the past month or so that I’ve actually begun to see some real fitness change – my clothes are fitting more loosely, I’m seeing more definition in my arms and legs and overall, I’m feeling pretty good. But while I’ve hit some decent fitness landmarks, I’m not quite where I’d like to be just yet.

Initially, seeing some of the progress I was making really fueled me to keep up the work I’ve been putting in. However, there comes a time in any endeavor when motivation wanes. So, moving forward, I’ve been wondering how to keep the motivation mojo going?

Here’s what I came up with:  (I’ll be applying these pointers to my fitness goals but really they could probably apply to a lot of different situations).

Go back to the start. When I first started seeing some changes in my body it was likely due to a few key changes that I talk about *here* but there was definitely some discipline involved too. I was hitting the gym most mornings before work (so there would be no excuse for not fitting in a workout) and fitting in a good cardio session on an almost daily basis.

Now, a month in and with some real progress under my belt, I decided to re-evaluate my efforts. I realize that as the weeks have gone by I’ve really started to skimp on cardio, in part because of some recent back pain but if I’m being honest, more often than not it’s simply because the snooze button has been winning out in the morning. It’s great that I’ve seen some progress but if I want that to continue I know that I need to keep up with my morning gym sessions. This week I’m really going to aim to bring back my early am workouts and fit in more cardio (as my back allows). This morning my back was actually feeling pretty good so I took advantage of that and ran on the treadmill before meeting up with my trainer for our weights session but even on days when my back is not feeling the greatest I can walk the dogs or do some gentle stretching or yoga – the important thing is making time for it.

Shake it up. Everybody gets bored with the same old routine and sometimes all you need is something different to renew your energy and motivation. For me, that usually means switching up my food. I’ve been checking out some new recipes from these ladies and I can’t wait to start incorporating some of them into my daily lineup. I really love food so having new meals to look forward to always makes me excited.

Take a breather. When you’re working hard to reach a fitness goal, or any other goal for that matter, I think it’s really important to give yourself a little break now and then. Take a day or two off from your normal routine or, if you’re feeling like it, indulge a little more than you normally might. Take some time to reflect on and be proud of how far you’ve come and then get back to it.

Last night when I was hanging out with my family the mood was really festive and I had two (or three) more glasses of wine than I normally do (hey, I didn’t have to work today). I knew a couple glasses of cabernet wasn’t likely going to blow my progress so instead of worrying I simply enjoyed it. I had a fun and relaxing time and this morning I felt a renewed energy to get back to my plan.

Revisit the reason for your goals. Just as important as reviewing your progress is reminding yourself of why you wanted to get there in the first place. My inspiration board and note of encouragement to myself is still out in plain view and I’ll use it as motivation as I move forward toward my goal.

And when all else fails…


there’s always Google images. 🙂

Hope your Monday has been a good one!


Question: What tricks do you use to keep your motivation mojo going?