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Hey folks how’s your Tuesday going? 🙂

I’m glad so many of you seemed to enjoy yesterday’s Motivation Monday post (based on the notifications I get from WordPress when someone  ‘likes’ a post). I wasn’t sure how coherent it would be since I wrote it late last night. 🙂

I started off the morning with a skype call from my best friend. Best friend skype date = great way to start the day. 🙂 I’m usually more awake in the morning anyhow and it was was fun catching up in my PJ’s over breakfast.

{Van’s waffle with cinnamon and Stevia, strawberry banana protein smoothie w/ peanut butter, coffee}

After my skype date it was off to the gym! I did a quick warmup run on the treadmill before meeting my trainer Kenny for a kickboxing workout.

Have I mentioned I love kickboxing?

For this morning’s session Kenny wanted me to get used to what it feels like to actually hit someone. Kenny is a retired special forces military officer and has a background in martial arts so he teaches his kickboxing with an emphasis on self defense. He put on a padded vest and wanted me to practice alternating between hitting the hand paddles he usually wears and hitting him in the chest. Even though he’s a tough guy and weighs about twice what I do I still had a hard time actually punching him. Once I got the hang of it though I loved it. I felt so strong and powerful firing punches with all my strength at such a big guy. Kenny laughed at me because I kept asking him, “Is it wrong that I’m actually enjoying this?” 🙂


To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

So, a couple weeks ago my dad asked me if I wanted to restart the Clean Program detox that we had done back in December. I’ll be honest, as much as I loved the Clean Program (you can read about my past experience on the cleanse here and here), I was kind of hesitant. I am actually a big fan of the Clean Program as far as cleanses go – I particularly like the fact that you eat real food (no lemon juice/cayenne drinks here) and it’s not calorie restrictive. However, there were a couple of habits I kept long after the cleanse that I feel contributed to my weight gain and to adopting some not so healthy eating habits, in particular sticking to only a smoothie for breakfast (I’ve since found I do better when I fill up for breakfast) and restricting certain food items.

Let me be clear – I am in no way blaming this program for any of these negative effects. As I mentioned, it is a great program that promotes healthy eating and even treats in moderation. I just lost sight of one of the most important rules of healthy eating: know yourself and listen to your own body.  Every single one of us is different and, while trying different programs and recipes is great, we all need to pay attention to what works with our own bodies.

That being said, I decided to embark on another cleanse – only this time I’m doing it my way. My parents and I purchased a cleanse kit from the Clean Program website which we will be splitting 3 ways (the program is set up for a 21 day detox but we are each going to do one week).

Here are the changes I will be incorporating this time around:

Eating a bigger breakfast. I still plan to have my morning shake as the program suggests but I also intend to follow up very shortly after with a larger breakfast. I just know from experience that I need more calories earlier in the day.

Per the program, I plan to do away with processed foods and added sugar for the full 7 days but I will not be restricting all of the suggested food items (the list of restricted foods is based on foods that are proven to be potential allergens, the idea is to incorporate them back in after the cleanse to see which, if any, foods affect you). I still plan to have red peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and bananas in moderation (in moderation only because of the relatively high sugar content) – these foods seem to do well with me so I see no reason to do avoid them. What I do plan on is basically just eating really clean which, to me, means choosing whole, unprocessed foods in their natural state and incorporating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

{some clean eating staples}

The one thing I haven’t decided on yet is what to do about coffee. The cleanse restricts caffeine for the effects that it has on the adrenal glands and stress. I think I am going to make an effort to choose tea over coffee or limit myself to no more than one cup of coffee daily – not a bad habit anyhow – but ultimately I plan to just listen to my body and do what feels right.

Here are the benefits I’m hoping to see from the program:

Every time I have done this program (even the time I cheated) I have experienced better moods and increased energy so I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’m excited to take the next seven days to focus on eating well, getting plenty of sleep and listening to my body. I’ll be keeping you posted!

Have a great rest of your day!


Question: Have you ever or would you ever do a cleanse?