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Hi friends, Happy Friday! 🙂

Sorry for my absence yesterday — my back was feeling pretty rough after a couple long days at work. At one point, it was a struggle just to bend down. I definitely can’t wait for physical therapy to start.

Last night after work I headed to my parents’ house. My dad’s out of town so I had a little girl time with my mom. When I got there she had dinner cooking in the oven and we watched Castle and put a dent in a box of Belgian flavored chocolates. Perfect. 🙂

There was one noteworthy thing that did happen last night however …

This my friends is an allergic reaction.

That’s my little Jelly Bean, although it’s a little hard to tell from her distorted face. She’s spending the weekend with one of my technician friends (my friend Jenna fell in love with JB while she was in the clinic before I adopted her and offers to take her for a few days every now and then which gives Eddy, Alan and I a welcome break from the high energy of a puppy) and last night just as I was sitting down to dinner I received this image via text followed by a frantic call from Jenna. She had taken Jelly on a walk and she must have gotten stung by a bee or scorpion. She vomited a couple times and her muzzle instantly swelled about twice it’s normal size. I was already long gone from work – I live about 40 minutes away from the clinic and gladly would have rushed back in but time is of the essence with these things.

Luckily Jenna was able to take her to another clinic for fluids and a steroid and benadryl injection. Within minutes, the swelling had almost completely resolved and Jelly was like new again. Talk about a quick about face! Jenna tells me that my little girl wasn’t fazed in the least bit and was running around and trying to play with the staff the entire time. Figures. 🙂


Breakfast this morning was a batch of ricotta protein pancakes I actually managed not to ruin.

I basically used this recipe from Tone It Up only I used about 2 1/2 Tbsp of lowfat ricotta in place of 1/2 banana. They turned out pretty good!

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited for the weekend – lots of fun and relaxing on the way! 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


Any fun plans for the Cinco de Mayo weekend?