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Hey friends, how are ya? šŸ™‚

It’s been another busy day in Colorado.

First, a recap of last night’s festivities. We went to Erin’s friend’s house for a Cinco de Mayo party. It was a fun-filled night of food, drinks and friends.

Erin getting a hang of the moby baby wrap (perfect for keeping hands free for other things :)).

There was a ton of food but I was still pretty stuffed from lunch. I did, however, snack on several bowls of cinnamon sugar chips

and this salsa creation called ‘Cowboy Caviar’

so good I asked for the recipe.

And of course, since it was Cinco de Mayo, the obligatory Sombrero photo

(Nichole, Justin, baby Owen and me)

What a fun night!

This morning we got off to a relatively early start.

Breakfast was a travel bowl of oats

and a cutie

We decided to get out and explore a little of Colorado today. First stop on the list was Garden of the Gods.

(Nichole, me and Erin’s son Evan)

We hiked around for about an hour. We prepared for cold weather but it was actually pretty warm. At one point I had to shed down to just my tank top.

We stopped mid-day for lunch at Bon Ton’s cafe.

I ordered the grilled salmon which was delicious.

Next stop was Seven Falls for a little more hiking. They have a set of stairs that takes you to the top of the falls. It looked a little daunting but we were game.

It’s not a bad climb but the altitude change had us huffing and puffing.

Made it!

A closer look at the falls

View from the top:

Heading down the steep staircase was maybe almost as bad as the climb up.

I had to hang onto the guard rail and keep my eyes on my feet the entire time.

I topped off the full day of hiking with a cold quad ride and a hot shower. The rest of the night has been a much needed evening of relaxing and cooking food on the grill. We ended up having a perfect cozy, rainy night and it’s actually currently snowing! I”m going to go check it out before I head to bed. More pics tomorrow!

Hope you’re having a great night. šŸ™‚