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Hey friends, how’s your Tuesday going?

Mine was ok. I made it back to the gym (although it was a little rough getting started this morning – my trainer said I looked miserable), got my hair done (much needed),

{my view from under the dryer}

met my mom for lunch at Pita Jungle

and had my first physical therapy appointment (mostly assessment followed by some light strength exercises and heat therapy).

I have to be honest… I’ve been feeling a little blah today and I think a big part of it is just the post vacation blues. There’s always such a buildup of excitement and anticipation leading up to a vacation that it’s tough not to feel a little down once it’s all over. Couple that with returning to the daily grind and all the stress that comes with it and it’s inevitable to feel a little not-so-great. I’ve decided that, rather than give in to the post vacation blues, I’m going to do my best to keep things in vacation mode around here. Hope you don’t mind.;)

How am I going to do that you ask?

Well, let’s start by getting in the proper vacation mindset…


There, got it? Ok, here we go. 🙂

Tips For Staying In Vacation Mode:

~ Get Excited. As I already mentioned, half the fun of a vacation is just the anticipation. I’m going to try and keep the momentum going by finding things to look forward to every day, no matter how small. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my new desk chair. In an effort to help alleviate my back problems, my boss bought new desk chairs for the entire office. I’ve heard they’re extra cushy and I can’t wait to try mine out. It may seem like a minor thing but it sure beats dreading going back to work. Another thing I’m looking forward to this week? My friend Nichole will be in town until Monday so I’m happy I’ll be able to spend more time with her this weekend. Also the blog is getting a makeover – stay tuned!

~ Leave Worries By the Wayside. When you’re on vacation and physically removed from many of your daily stressors it’s much easier to maintain a carefree mindset. Once you’re back to the daily grind with life’s stress staring in you in the face it becomes a little more difficult. Of course, many of the things we stress about have to be dealt with at one point or another (like paying bills) but they don’t have to consume our every thought the way they often do. I’m going to make a point to try and deal with the things that stress me out only on an as needed basis and in a productive manner. For instance, my ongoing car search has been a huge stressor for me but it makes no sense for me to be worrying about it while I’m at the gym or getting my hair done. It will do me much more good to set aside a time to sit down, come up with an action plan and then forget about it.

~ Treat Yourself. One of the greatest perks of being on vacation is allowing yourself to indulge a little more than usual, right? But why wait for a vacation to treat yourself to something special? Even something as simple as sleeping in a bit later than usual or adding a little flavor to your morning coffee can help shake up your daily routine and put you back in a vacation mindset. I’m going to start my indulging off by scheduling a massage for this weekend and packing some coconut water with my lunch tomorrow (what says ‘vacation’ better than coconut?)

I hope these tips help bring a little more fun and relaxation into your week. I know I’ll be doing my best to stay in a vacation state of mind for as long as I’m able. Cheers! 🙂


Question: What puts you in vacation mode?