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Good morning! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. 🙂

Yesterday I met up with my little sis and best friend for the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Tour.

The weather was beautiful and just about perfect for a walk around the cemetery.

They gave us these cool little skeleton keychains.

{looks like he’s about ready to die :)}

The tour was 2 and 1/2 hours and we spent about 20 minutes with each tour guide walking around various areas of the cemetery. Some of the guides got into character dressed in early 1900’s clothing and it was fun listening to them tell stories about the lives of the stars buried there. Let’s just say that the hanky panky that goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood is nothing new. 😉

Some of the grave stone architecture was pretty cool too.

A couple things I didn’t expect to see:


My sister’s portrayal of film star Barbara La Marr was the finale of the tour.

 It was so cool seeing her perform!

After the tour we were starving so we grabbed some lunch at There’s No Place Like Home, a restaurant that Nichole has been trying to take me to forever. They serve breakfast all day (which I love) so I went with the grilled veggie egg white omelette.

It was delicious. The veggies were grilled perfectly and it hit the spot.

Dinner was at my sister’s favorite local vegan restaurant au lac. I don’t normally go vegan but this place was actually pretty incredible (plus I was psyched to see kombucha on the menu!) I ordered a tofu and eggplant bowl and a raspberry kombucha.

They also served us complimentary vegan chocolates with raspberry and sea salt that were as good as (if not better than) the real deal.

After dinner we headed back to my sister’s place where Nance and I decided to celebrate my home purchase with a little vino. 🙂

{Red Velvet!}

We ended up hanging out and chatting until after 1 am which was really nice because we probably haven’t hung out just the three of us in years!

Loved being able to spend time with both my sisters. ❤

Have a great rest of your Sunday, I’ll see you in a bit with an update from SD!